Promoting Your Website Through Social Media

06/02/2017 by Marketing, Social Media

Promoting Your Website Through Social Media

Having a website is one thing, but letting people know it’s there and directing them to it is another! You can promote it on flyers, leaflets and through word of mouth, but there is one cheap and effective marketing tool that should never be ruled out, social media. Whether you are promoting something big or small the use of social media is extremely beneficial.

If you are regularly updating your website with relevant content, such as blogs, signposting it using social media can drive increased traffic to your website. Search engines are now starting to take more notice of links from social media, so it could even help to increase search engine traffic too.


Using social media can raise awareness of your website.  People may not necessarily follow you on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, but by getting your website out there and building relationships with relevant people, more people will be more likely to hear about your website, and it may even get recommended by others by retweeting and sharing the link. Not only do other businesses use social media, but journalists do too, and any interesting stories regarding your website can be shared again and again and again. All the while increasing the marketing for your website, all free of charge.

What you need to remember on social media is the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your social media interaction should be social, the rest you can put to use promoting. Any more than that and you’ll lose the interest of your “likers” or “followers”.  People use social networks to socialise, so get involved.

Another thing to increase the popularity of your website would be to include a link to it on your social media bio’s. Your bio should include the ways in which you help people, and who you help, but should always include a link so people can read more about you.


It can also be quite difficult to stay in touch with everyone who interacts with your website, but social media gives you the opportunity to engage with them, sometimes on a one to one level. If people feel you are getting to know them they will in turn feel more loyalty towards you and therefore return to your website again and again.

Many people are afraid of putting their name to social media, what happens if someone says something bad about your website? Rather than seeing this as a negative, you should think of how you would come across by dealing with bad comments head on, giving a fast, professional and mature answer, offering to solve any problems that may have been mentioned. You must also think that any good comments about your website will be seen, so make sure you respond to these also. Dealing with enquiries effectively over social media, even if they’re complaints, can have a great impression on potential clients.

With over 57% of people in the UK using social media and 90% of 16 to 24 year olds using on a daily basis, using social media as a marketing tool is extremely beneficial! And the best news is it’s free, other than your time, participating in social media doesn’t have to cost a thing.