Fashion Workie

Fashion Workie is a jobs / classifieds listing website which is specifically aimed at the fashion industry.

We were originally approached by Fashion Workie to iron out some issues on the original website, however on inspection we discovered that it was using an obsolete platform that was no longer in development. It seemed with every PHP update, more and more functionality would break.

With this in mind, we recommended that the website be moved onto a new platform, specifically Drupal, which we felt would be a perfect fit for a website of this nature.

We began by replicating the exact functionality from the obsolete platform in Drupal, using a combination of bespoke and contributed modules, ensuring that everything was seamless and bug free. As the website has grown, so has the codebase, and Fashion Workie is now completely unrecognisable from what it once was.

It has experienced exponential growth since the first Drupal version went live, and is enjoying continued growth month by month as more and more users sign up. It is now used as a job posting site by some of the worlds largest fashion brands!


Name: Fashion Workie

Year: 2012 – Present

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